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    I recently saw a photo of a young child standing on the water’s edge getting ready to race in surf lifesaving. I remember thinking to myself how young and brave he was, but what stood out for me the most that there was no fear, apprehension or concern in his eyes, just pure excitement.

    Everyone can remember having that feeling as a child, being invincible and extraordinarily courageous. Then as we proceed through our life, things change and we change. We become more reserved and more thoughtful in our decision making. After all we have work, family and responsibilities. However, there are moments during this time that we reflect and wish we still had a bit of that child still in us.

    My philosophy in life is that we all have a responsibility to live regardless of what is thrown at us. I believe “it is not what happens to you but what you do about it that counts”. We all come to cross roads in our lives, we praise the courageous for taking the “road less travelled”. Too often we continue on the path that is familiar, it appears safe. However, nothing ever changes, it stays the same then another year, five years has passed and we still wish we had the courage to change direction.

    Well now it is time to change direction, nothing changes by staying the same. It is time to be courageous and take that first step into the water with excitement not apprehension. However, this time you will have someone standing next to you telling you its ok.

    At A.J.N. Financial Services our role is to help you to make those significant decisions that will make a difference to your life and those around you. Decisions about money, security, retirement, estate planning and coordinating those strategies across your financial world.   

    Don’t ever be scared of making a change, fear often stops us all. But the disappointment of not changing is far more crippling.

    Mandy Newman – Principal Adviser – A.J.N. Financial Services.

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